The Brew Log Q3

I know, we pretty much skipped quarter 2. My wife and I moved, and she changed jobs, so I had to put the good stuff on hold for a while. Here are the first batches at my new place.


7-7 5:00PM

1 Gal 7-green  great culture

1 Gal 7-green  great culture 

brown sugar

this new starting batch comes from mixing culture I grew with Celestial and Annie’s kombucha teas


7-20 8:00PM

1 Gal 7-green  great culture

1 Gal 7-green  great culture fizzier

brown sugar

using the same ingredients, one batch turned out to be fizzier.. I will research this in the future and it could become an experiment


8-1 10:45PM

1 Gal 5-green 2-raspberry brewing

1 Gal 5-green 2-raspberry brewing

Both using organic whole cane sugar and sucanat mix

used scoby from previous fizzier batch(cut in half)

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